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Gina Herd

Therapist. Activist. Author.

Introduction to Anxiety

In this one hour online small group session we will get your questions answered and provide some insight to Anxiety and Depression.

Stage One

What is Anxiety & Depression?

How did it happen?

Stage Two

Sitting With Self

Stage Three

Repairing Your Disconnection

Stage Four

The Three Types of Anxiety

Therapy Sessions
Stage Five

The Depression Train & Treating It

Stage Six

Positive Thinking

Stage Seven

Boundaries Are Everything

Stage Eight

Living an Elevated Life

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

After decades of working with  different types of people, my approach is a proven method to achieving an Anxiety free life. Through my Eight Stage Approach we will go through the in and outs of what Anxiety and Depression are and come out living an elevated life.

About me

Ms.Herd has been treating Anxiety and Depression for many years with individuals and families. Her style is easy to understand and the work is based on an active action plan for each phase of your development. Ms.Herd believes in gracious assertion to get her clients to progress.

Getting Help

My newest book, Anxiety: Curing The New Normal, takes you through eight stages to assist in stopping Anxiety and stabilizing depression.  For a more personalized approach, I am offering group sessions assisting in your  journey to a new life.


Anxiety & Depression


Sitting with Self


Repairing Your Disconnection


The Three Types of Anxiety


Treating The Depression Train


 A Positive Mindset


Building Boundaries


Living an Elevated Life

Without Anxiety I have full control over my thoughts and feelings. I am able to get things done. I started new things I never did before and I am just doing things my way. I am learning to love myself.


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